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First Time

Almost three years ago my mother-in-law was giving me a bridal shower. I wanted to help in anyway I could. You see, I'm a very simple person and I felt very honored that she was throwing a party for me. I asked her questions to see if she missed something and she didn't. I asked her about the attending guest favors and she allowed me to work on those. I knew I wanted to give soap a try. I figured I wanted to keep it in the "shower" theme so why not make a bar of soap for each of my guests. I was very intrigued with the process. For the first time, I used a melt and pour goats milk soap base. It was pretty easy, all I had to do was melt the base add my additives, pour it in my mold, and wait for it to harden up. This was the beginning of my journey with Pluie Soap. Lets talk about the mold...I still have this custom made mold. I love it. It's been good to me. I have made several batches of melt and our soap, given them away for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and other bridal showers. My favorite part about this mold is that my husband and I made it. Well, he actually made most of it. I just gave him some dimensions. He signed it in the back and dated it with a heart ♡. I didn't really know that you had to line it to get the soap out easier. I struggled so many times with that. Still, that beauty has given me lot of joy. I love my first soap mold. Just like graduating from high school with all the knowledge you gained, I graduated from this mold to another. The soap base as I mentioned earlier was a melt and pour. It was made from goats milk. I added grated lemon rind, lavender and both lemon and lavender essential oils. It was such an earthy great scent. I remember how nice it was. I also loves how those lavender buds helped with exfoliating my skin. I ended up with about 2-3 soaps after the bridal shower. People were taking multiples. My guest LOVED them. They were a big hit. One of the guest loved them so much it that it inspired her to start her own soap making. Later on at a gathering I saw her and her husband. Her husband mentioned that she had made enough soap to last them a life time. Of those few that I ended up keeping that time, I noticed that they shrunk a bit and started to bead on the outside. Later, I learned that is very common with melt and pour soaps. They all still lathered and worked nicely but aren't very visually appealing. I started to do a lot of research and educate myself on soap making and what is essential for our skin. We all have different skin types and thus need different treatments and cleansing routines for it. Our skin is our biggest organ... AND we only get one body, why not take full care of it. I started to realize that with all the free radicals in our environment we don't need to add more by using products that aren't made responsibly or bad for us. That is when my journey began. I decided to start making all natural soaps. I also decided to not use any palm oils in my products. The deforestation that is occurring by these huge masses is having a huge negative impact on our environment. If interested read more about that here: I am trying to help out environment, our bodies, and families live a healthier life. That is why I started to make my own soap. I ranges from a solid Castile type lather to a soft creamy melt. I'm very excited to share my people who want the same.

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