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Why use all natural skin products?

We often take care of ourselves in every other way by eating right, working out, and even de-stressing with massages or pedicures. Why shouldn’t we take care of our biggest organ...our skin! If you think about it, our skin is pretty amazing. It has the power to regenerate itself! That in

itself is pretty amazing. It also helps regulate our body temperature which is vital to help bodies function. Millions of bacteria live on our skin. While this may sound pretty gross, it is essential to have them there to help immune cells fight disease causing microbes. SO YAY for our skin! It works hard everyday. We should treat it well with all natural products too. Using products with chemicals that we can't even pronounce messes with the entire delicate balance of our skin. Not only is it good for our skin, it is also good for the environment too.

Why buy or consume products without palm oil?

Forest cover 31% of our planet. They provide vital oxygen and habitats for many endangered or threatened animals. Palm oil is found in thousands of products we use daily such as SOAP, cookies, or even peanut butter! Because of the cheap need for all these products to use palm oil, devastating amounts of deforestation is occurring. You can make a difference in helping save the endangered orangutan by eliminating palm oil from your life and demanding sustainable palm oil or alternative products. The majority of our soaps are made from nourishing oils like olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butters, jojoba, and avocado oil. All These oils and butters are so nourishing and healthy for your skin. You don’t have to feel guilty about the deforestation which will affect your plant, your future, your kids future, and of course the habitat it provides for the animals.

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